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Power to you

Everyday, we are bond to make financial decisions.
And yet, those are not always informed choices.

How to build a credit score? How to find the right credit card? How to live with credit?

Silver credit is here to help you take the power back!

By the numbers

of Americans report being under financial stress*
Americans have never checked any of their credit reports*
of US adults gave their personal finance knowledge a grade of "C" or worse in 2013*
*Gallup Survey, April 2014; Report of the Economic Well-Being of US Households, 2014

Who we are

Silver credit was born in 2014 of the collaboration between two successful entrepreneurs, graduates from Wharton and Harvard Business School, with 10+ years expertise working in the banking industry.

Based in New York City, we are now a full team of experts in financial services and mobile applications, who bring our knowledge together to provide you with the best possible experience.

We believe in a financially
responsible society

where each one of us make informed choice in our daily financial decisions.

Our mission is to empower all of us by helping you understand how to make the most of your credit card, build a great credit history and live a financially healthier life.

We are passionate about helping others, and that is why we strive to provide a top-notch service, at the cutting edge of personal finance.

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